The first single to be released from the new album FOUR is Steal My Girl. For everyone outside the UK, Steal My Girl will release on 29th September. In the UK, Steal My Girl will release 12th October. Because you guys in the UK are getting it a little bit later, Liam’s made another Big Payno Remix for you. So if you’re in the UK, you can pre-order a Steal My Girl bundle tomorrow, which will unleash Steal My Girl and Liam’s remix on 12th October.

There all like “listen to Steal My Girl on the 29th!!” And zayns like “Steal My Girl :)” .

I’m very proud to speak of Messi, because I was there when he started off, and now he is the best in the world. It all makes me so happy. The game I remember the most vividly is when he scored his first goal, because it came from my pass. I would always give passes to Leo so he could adapt as soon as possible. And now he will do the same for Neymar. It will be very beautiful to see them together.” - Ronaldinho

Happy 23rd Birthday Oscar dos Santos Emboaba Júnior! 09/09/1991


Because one of you is bound to be named Will or have a nice hat :)

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I struggle between two things: reading and watching Netflix.




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neymar tells a story

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